Terms and Conditions of the events promoted and organized by Degiavu Company of Alessio Di Maggio:

1) In case of Event Cancellation, the booking is not refundable but you are entitled to receive a voucher of the same amount that can be used within 10 months. Important notice : these terms are applied both in case of online booking and in the event that the customer has booked through the following email address (info@capodannoversilia.com) and/or telephone number (349 0764688 or 392 5051562).

2) In case of cancellation and therefore cancellation of the reservation relating to any service purchased by the customer, including tourist packages or overnight stays in hotels, no refunded will be provided, not even if the customer tests positive for Covid -19, which will prevent you from using the service itself.

In addition, the customer is informed at the time of booking by telephone.

However, it is possible to transfer the reservatio to another person.

ADM Events

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E info@capodannofirenze.net
T + 39 349 0764688

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